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The Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) is an institutionally based organization comprised of core institutions, which make a major, sustained commitment to SCEC objectives, and a larger number of participating institutions, which are self-nominated through the involvement of individual scientists or groups in SCEC activities and confirmed by the Board of Directors. Membership continues to evolve because SCEC is an open consortium, available to any individual or institution seeking to collaborate on earthquake science in Southern California.

Core Institutions

Core institutions are designated academic and government research organizations with major research programs in earthquake science. Each core is expected to contribute a significant level of effort (both in personnel and activities) to SCEC programs, including Communication, Education and Outreach Program. Core institutions are obligated to contribute a yearly minimum of $35K of institutional resources (spent in-house on SCEC activities) as matching funds to Center activities. Each core institution appoints an Institutional Director to the Board of Directors.

Tom Jordan
Nadia Lapusta
Chris Wills
Bruce Shaw
Jim Rice
Tom Herring
Steve Day
Paul Segall
UC Los Angeles
Peter Bird
UC Riverside
David Oglesby
UC San Diego
Yuri Fialko
UC Santa Barbara
Ralph Archuleta
UC Santa Cruz
Emily Brodsky
Glenn Biasi
USGS Golden
Jill McCarthy
USGS Menlo Park
Ruth Harris
USGS Pasadena
Rob Graves

Participating Institutions - Domestic

SCEC membership is open to participating institutions upon application. Eligible institutions may include any organization (including profit, non-profit, domestic, or foreign) involved in a Center-related research, education, or outreach activity. Participating institutions do not necessarily receive direct support from the Center. Each participating institution (through appropriate official) appoints a qualified Institutional Representative to facilitate communication with the Center. The interests of the participating institutions are represented on the Board of Directors by two Directors At-Large.

Appalachian State
Scott Marshall
Arizona State
J Ramon Arrowsmith
Terry Tullis
Cal Poly Pomona
Jascha Polet
CSU Fullerton
David Bowman
CSU Long Beach
Nate Onderdonk
CSU Northridge
Doug Yule
CSU San Bernardino
Sally McGill
Carnegie Mellon
Jacobo Bielak
Colorado Sch Mines
Edwin Nissen
Rowena Lohman
Georgia Tech
Zhigang Peng
Kaj Johnson
Andrea Donnellan
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Arben Pitarka
Marquette University
Ting Lin
Oregon State
Andrew Meigs
Penn State
Eric Kirby
Andrew Freed
John Loveless
SUNY at Stony Brook
William Holt
Texas A&M
Judith Chester
U Alaska Fairbanks
Carl Tape
UC Berkeley
Roland B├╝rgmann
UC Davis
Michael Oskin
UC Irvine
Lisa Grant Ludwig
U Cincinnati
Lewis Owen
U Illinois
Karin Dahmen
U Kentucky
Sean Bemis
U Massachusetts
Michele Cooke
U Michigan Ann Arbor
Eric Hetland
U New Hampshire
Margaret Boettcher
U Oregon
Ray Weldon
U Texas El Paso
Bridget Smith-Konter
U Texas Austin
Whitney Behr
U Wisconsin Madison
Clifford Thurber
URS Corporation
Paul Somerville
Utah State
Susanne Janecke
Utah Valley
Nathan Toke
Jeff McGuire

Participating Institutions - International

Academia Sinica
DPRI Kyoto
ERI Tokyo
ETH Zurich
New Zealand
Nat'l Central U
Nat'l Chung Cheng U
Nat'l Taiwan University
Western University

How to Apply as a Participating Institution

Email application to John McRaney. The application should come from an appropriate official (e.g. department chair or division head) and include a list of interested faculty and a short statement on earthquake science research at your institution. Applications will be approved by a majority vote of the SCEC Board of Directors.

SCEC Partner Organizations

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