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DISCLAIMER: From time to time the Southern California Earthquake Center will publish reports, abstracts, databases, maps, etc. that have been reviewed internally, and thus represent the most current views of the respective Center participants. The intent of the special publication series is to provide SCEC results and information to the community at large in a timely manner. It is not intended to be a substitute for an externally peer-reviewed scientific publication. Authors should feel free to cite these materials given knowledge of this disclaimer in the following way:

Author(s), Title, SCEC Special Pub. Series, No. X, Southern California Earthquake Center, Date shown on publication.



SCEC Working Group C*, Active Faults in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Region, SCEC Special Pub. Series, No. 001, Southern California Earthquake Center, September 2001.

James F. Dolan, Eldon M. Gath, Lisa B. Grant, Mark Legg, Scott Lindvall, Karl Mueller, Michael Oskin, Daniel F. Ponti, Charles M. Rubin, Thomas K. Rockwell, John H, Shaw, Jerome A. Treiman, Chris Walls, and Robert S. Yeats (compiler)

Group C, the Geology working group in SCEC I, has completed a compilation of active faults in the Los Angeles metropolitan region extending from the Santa Susana and Santa Monica Mountains on the west to the Puente and Chino Hills on the east, and from the San Gabriel Mountains on the north to the Palos Verdes Hills and San Joaquin Hills on the south. The compilation presents current knowledge about slip rates and earthquake recurrence intervals for surface and blind faults within this region, and suggests unresolved problems that could be undertaken during SCEC II. The report was compiled by Robert S. Yeats of Oregon State University and Earth Consultants International (yeatsr@geo.orst.edu).

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