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Living on an ACTIVE Earth
Committee on the Science of Earthquakes, Thomas H. Jordan, Chair

The scientific study of earthquakes is a surprisingly recent endeavor. Instrumental recordings of earthquakes were not made until the second half of the 19th centry – and the primary mechanism for generating seismic waves was not identifed until the beginning of the 20th century. From this recent start a range of laboratory, field, and theoretical investigations have developed into a rigorous discipline: the science of earthquakes.

Living on an ACTIVE Earth describes the growth and origins of earthquake science and identifies research and data collection efforts that will strengthen the scientific and social contributions of this exciting new discipline.

Living with Earthquakes in California
Robert S. Yeats

Combining cutting-edge research with practical safety information, Living with Earthquakes in California:

  1. examines the major faults that threaten Northern and Southern California and Nevada,
  2. explores topics ranging from earthquake forecasting and catastrophe insurance to the risks of tsunamis and soil liquefaction,
  3. reviews the current level of earthquake preparedness and disaster response,
  4. suggests actions that citizens can take to protect their families and homes.

An essential guide for anyone interested in understanding earthquake science or in preparing for the next major tremor, Living with Earthquakes is also a call to action. Earthquakes cannot be prevented, but the California experience provides a model for how society can learn to live with earthquakes - and survive them.

Earthshaking Science
Susan E. Hough

In brisk, jargon-free prose, Hough recounts how improvements in earthquake recording capability in the 1960s and 1970s set the stage for a period of rapid development in earthquake science. Although some formidable enigmas have remained, much has been learned on critical issues such as earthquake prediction, seismic hazard assessment, and ground motion prediction. This book addresses those issues.

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