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  • PVP Cover Cliff Homes
    Palos Verdes Peninsula
    Written for teachers and students as well as the general public, this guide offers a lively narrative on a number of sites at which to observe fossils, rock structures, and look at faults. It's also the only publication in print which offers a six-page easy-to-read geologic history of the Los Angeles basin area. Two foldout maps are included.
  • PV Fault
    Palos Verdes Fault
    This field trip guide is designed for engineers, geotechnical professionals and earth scientists. Unlike the broad information provided in the Palos Verdes Peninsula field trip guide, this guide focuses on the Palos Verdes fault. Included is a discussion of the fault as a whole as well as information pertaining to the many sites along the route. Recent studies have shown this fault to be more active and hazardous than previously believed.
  • NI Cover Damage
    Newport-Inglewood and Whittier-Elsinore Fault Zones
    This fault guide is the first in a series that will examine the more important local faults in the greater Los Angeles region, summarize the most recent information about their behavior, review major earthquakes, and look at land forms they have created. Rather than offering a route to follow for a field trip, this guide discusses the two fault zones, allowing the reader to design his or her own trip. Emphasis is placed on the methods scientists use to learn about faults, such as trenching.

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