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The Wallace Creek Interpretive Trail project was sponsored by several organizations: the Southern California Earthquake Center -- a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center; the U.S. Geological Survey; the California Institute of Technology; and the Bureau of Land Management.

This website was designed by Aron Meltzner (Caltech).  The Wallace Creek trail guide (paper and pdf versions) was designed by Aron Meltzner (Caltech) and Robert de Groot (SCEC), with the assistance of Jill Andrews (SCEC) and Kerry Sieh (Caltech).  Special thanks are given to Michael Ayers, Johna Hurl, Kathy Sharum, and Larry Vredenburgh of the BLM.

Our efforts were greatly aided by the reviews of several people.  We thank Ramon Arrowsmith (ASU), John Galetzka (USGS), Martha House (Caltech), and Lisa Wald (USGS) for their careful and insightful reviews of the trail guide.  We also thank Lisa Wald (USGS) for her helpful comments on the website.

The Wallace Creek topographic map was adapted from K. Sieh and R E. Wallace, "The San Andreas fault at Wallace Creek," in Geological Society of America Centennial Field Guide, Cordilleran Section (1987), with the color-coded geomorphology superimposed onto the map by Aron Meltzner.

The map of California was adapted from K. Sieh and S. LeVay, The Earth in Turmoil, © 1998, W. H. Freeman and Company.

The left-most aerial photo on the Wallace Creek website home page is used courtesy of and with permission of Georg Gerster (Photo Researchers, New York); the upper right and lower right aerial photos are used courtesy of and with permission of Michael Collier.

The 1857 rupture map, fault offset animated images, 3-D fault diagram, and sag pond and pressure ridge sketch were created by SCEC.  The Carrizo Plain National Monument map was modified from a map created by the BLM.  All channel sketches on this website were created by Aron Meltzner.