The Southern California Earthquake Center

In the summer of 2002, the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) became a member of the Geowall Consortium, building our first Geowall at the offices at the University of Southern California.  This site chronicles the details of that process; it includes the things we learned, the processes we took, and the results we found.

While there are a lot of parts to this site, don't be fooled.  In spite of my trying to make this very complicated, it's actually very easy.  If you think things are getting complicated, either you're not reading it right or I didn't do a very good job of explaining it.  Take a deep breath, step away from your computer, draw a few smiley faces.  Then read the explanation again.  I promise, this stuff isn't rocket science.

Special thanks to Paul Morin and the entire Geowall Consortium for your patience and excellent email-response time.  Without you guys, we'd still be chasing our tails over here.

A 3D Stereoscopic Desktop Image that can be used to align the two projectors, and verify left/right eye division (stereoscopy).


Stereoscopy Primer
How do I see depth?
Creating Left/Right Eye Vision (Anaglyph, Linear and Circular Polarization)
Active vs. Passive 3D displays

Geowall Primer
How it Works
Why it's different

Geowall: Hardware
The Cart
The Stacker
The Projectors
The Polarizing Filters and Glasses
The Screen
The Computer

Stereoscopic Camera
The Hardware
Making Anaglyphs (R/B) Images
Making Geowall Images

2002 SCEC Summer Interns